About Us

KRISONS is a pioneer in India’s consumer electronics industry with a pedigree of over three decades. In its 35 years on lineage, the brand has carved itself a niche amongst the Tier II and Tier III consumers, making itself a household name since 1980. During this period, KRISONS established itself as a market leader in many product categories such as VCR’s, VCP’s, Video games, Video Cassettes and 2-in-1 radio sets.

At the beginning of this millennium, the brand entered new product categories and established manufacturing set-up for multimedia Speakers, Home Theatre, DVD Player, Color Televisions etc.

Today, KRISONS is known for bringing the latest state of the art technology from time to time and setting benchmarks in quality standards. With an experience of over three decades under its belt, KRISONS understanding of the pulse of the market and subsequent evolution has made it stronger and better equipped to satisfy consumer aspirations like never before. 

In addition to the above, KRISONS has a diversified product portfolio including wearables like neck bands, earpods, earphones, and bluetooth speakers including rechargeable and party speakers, sound bars etc. KRISONS is now looking to add smart watches in its diversified product portfolio to cater to the demands of increasingly heath conscious and tech-savvy consumers.